About Us

Xiamen shijiastone Stone Co.,Ltd  is a manufacturer and exporter of Granite&Marble products.We have our own quarries, import & export company,factories and a lot of partner factories which have powerful design and production capability. With long-term experience , diligent staff,advanced facilities and better quality control systems,we are able to provide you all kinds of stone products with high quality ,competitive prices, sturdy packing & loading.


Our main products are as following:

1) Building materials: cut-to-size and random size products of domestic and abroad granite, marble, composite stone,culture ,sandstone, slates,  quartzite, pebble, ect.

2) Indoor fitment: thin tiles,countertops, vanity tops, sink & basin,stairs,pattern, fireplaces, mosaic ,railings,line molding ect.
3) Outdoor fitment: stone carvings,paving stones, cube stones, curbstones,blind stone ,Car Stopping,fountain, flower pot, fortune balls,  stone lantern, tables & benches ,etc.
4)Memorial series: various types of tombstone,vase and sculpture,cinerary casket ,ect.


We sincerely hope that no matter what business you want to do and no matter who you are, you will contact us and use our professional services.We welcome your questions and look forward to working with you in the very near future.






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